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When all the smoke and mirrors are taken away, that is. I'm realizing the power of SOAP now. Well, I've always kind of realized the benefit of using XML-RPC (a lightweight version of SOAP), but now that I've actually written some SOAP enabled clients, it makes total sense. What we're doing, is using SOAP to expose certain data and application logic ("methods") in legacy propietary systems. Since SOAP is a very well defined standard, there are libraries available for many languages. Right now, I have clients working in Java (via javax.xml.soap and javax.xml.messaging), Perl (via Soap::Lite), and even Excel (via Visual Basic's MS XML HTTP packages). Very nifty stuff, and lots of potential. I also have an example of doing this same XML messaging stuff thing from JavaScript, but have not tried that aspect yet.

Now I'm toying with the idea of taking the idea of Apache::MiniWiki, and abstracting the core logic (view, edit, save, log, diff, etc) into a SOAP server. Clients could then be written in mbperl ? and PHP on the server side, or DHTML/Gtk/Java-Swing/VB/etc on the client side. In this situation, the page data would still be stored in RCS on the server side. Storing XML in RCS is just ugly, since it becomes harder to diff and rollback and so forth.


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