Apache, http://httpd.apache.org, is a highly configurable web server.

Goes hand in hand with mod_perl and Perl.

Hey cool... Debian has a nice little debconf-based wizard for setting up Apache::SessionX. No more reading man pages and manually editting config files and getting them wrong and pulling hair. Apache::SessionX does indeed make session handling under mod_perl easy.

Until now I've been using my own Apache/mod_perl/mod_ssl combination compiled from source. I installed Debian's versions so that I could get get Squirrelmail going. I must say that things have definetly changed in the 1-2 years since I tried Debian's packages last. Squirrelmail worked out of the box... just had to run their text-based menu system to update some global configurations, add one line to httpd.conf, and off and away. Gonna play with Apache on a different port... once I'm comfortable that it's doing what my old install does then I'll switch to it.


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